Rexco Matte Top Coat - Semi-Permanent mould release

FORMULA FIVE® Matte Top Coat semi-permanent mold release is a proprietary blend of cross-linking polymers in a solvent carrier that bond to the mold surface to protect the mold and preserve fine detail. A high slip external mold release that produces very little mold build up and yields multiple releases per application. Ideal for applications where transfer of release agent to finished part must be avoided. A very robust and chemically resistant semi-permanent that is especially suited to non-gelcoated applications, with primer gelcoats, with heavily filled matrices such as cast polymer and polymer concrete, aggressive resin systems such as DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene Resin), and in many non-cosmetic applications such as rotocasting, male molds and "B" sides of closed molding operations. Ideal for challenging mold surfaces such as "non-skid" and can replace flange, edge or hat wax with the advantage of eliminating risk of wax contaminating cosmetic mold surfaces.

FORMULA FIVE® Matte Top Coat is also suitable for the release of both gelcoated and non-gelcoated fiber-glass (FRP/GRP1), phenolic, epoxy, polyester and vinylester resins, rubber and many polyurethane foams and elastomer parts from most substrates, including metal and gelcoated mold and plug surfaces. Also extends life of silicone rubber molds.

This product will maintain a matte finish on parts made from matte finish molds. Recommended for most molding processes including contact molding, hand lay up, spray up, filament winding, cast polymer (cultured marble/solid surface), rotational molding, closed molding (RTM, compression, injection), polymer concrete (polycrete/GRC2), and with in-mold coatings. Easy wipe on leave on or spray-on-wipe application, no polishing required. Suitable for use with mold process temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). May be applied over other semi-permanent releases without stripping.

NOTE: The cross-linking resins used in FORMULA FIVE® Matte Top Coat cure by hydrolysis (interaction with moisture in the atmosphere) and temperature. Recommended storage is in original containers tightly sealed avoiding extreme temperatures. Decant the amount of material expected to be used into HDPE containers with a positive closure just before use. Do not return air exposed release back into original container.

1 FRP/GRP = Fiber Reinforced Polymer or Plastic / Glass Reinforced Plastic or Polyester
2 GRC = Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete

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