Rexco Mould Cleaner

FORMULA FIVE® Mold Cleaner is a general purpose mold cleaner for routine mold maintenance. Use prior to application of FORMULA FIVE® Mold Sealer and FORMULA FIVE® Matte Top Coat semi-permanent release.

Suitable for use on most mold substrates including those composed of fiberglass, aluminum, steel and thermoset resins. Cleans without abrasives and can be used between molding cycles to remove uncured resin or overspray and other contaminates without stripping off underlying coat of semi-permanent mold release. Dissolves build up on mold surfaces caused by wax, silicone, and other contaminants such as grease and dirt,
allowing them to be wiped off without softening or dulling the surface. Can be used to remove excess semi-permanent mold releases before they fully cure, and can be used to reduce surface tension of semi-permanent mold releases in areas of the mold that exhibit gelcoat pre-release. Use to clean areas of mold before touch up with semi-permanent mold release during production. Useful to remove residues from other cleaners/strippers or spots from water washing. May be used on warm molds. Not designed to remove fully cured
semi-permanent mold releases.
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