Rexco Mould Sealer

FORMULA FIVE® Mold Sealer is a high performance semi-permanent base coat designed for use on most mold or plug substrates including composite (FRP/GRP1), aluminum and steel. Seals the mold surface and fills micro-porosity to create a smooth, streak free high gloss surface. Recommended for most molding processes including contact molding, hand lay up, spray up, cast polymer and closed molding. Particularly recommended for use in new composite mold initialization, sealing reconditioned or repaired areas of previously seasoned molds, and as a base coat to optimize the performance of semi-permanent top coats. Also recommended as a mold sealer with sacrificial mold release systems such as wax, polymeric, spray or wipe on slip coat mold releases. Simple wipe on leave on application. For application to molds at temperatures of 70°F (21°C) - 150°F (66°C) and suitable for molding process temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).

NOTE: The cross-linking resins used in FORMULA FIVE® Mold Sealer cure by hydrolysis (interaction with moisture in the atmosphere) and temperature. Recommended storage is in original containers tightly sealed avoiding extreme temperatures. Decant the amount of material expected to be used into HDPE containers with a positive closure just before use. Do not return air exposed release back into original container.

1 FRP/GRP = Fiber Reinforced Polymer or Plastic / Glass Reinforced Plastic or Polyester

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